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Carla Emilia Anastasia Holmer


  Stockholm Sweden  





20131028IMG_7031.JPG (449536 byte)
Today on October 28, 2013, Anastasia got holes in her ears done. It was painful, and her eyes was full of tears, but not a sound came from her, because this was what she wanted most of all!



She was born today on Wednesday May 13 2009 at 01:30 AM

We have not been able to decide a name yet, so we are trying Carla, Rebecca, Emilia, Felicia, Valencia, Ofelia, Alicia, Philippa, Angelica, Lass, and many more. Most common are Tösen or just Lillan (Lass or just Little)!
We don't have much time left to choose a name, before we get the law enforcement knocking our door (at least I hope they knock first).


MarianaSabrina090529.jpg (248925 byte)  Therese.jpg (140710 byte)


We are seriously trying (today 4 July) Carla Regina Anastasia with the last as her given name.
Is there an expression in English like "decision anxiety"?

Now, with only a few days to go before the deadline on August 13 are we seriously trying a "new" middle name.
What about Carla Emilia Anastasia, with Emilia as given name?


TomFlowerNewbornIMG_3349cr.JPG (938504 byte)
The alternative version here!
When our cat followed me out on the backyard for the photo session, and a second after the shot, with an affectionate stroke turned both the mother and baby bouquets off the edge of the sandbox.


This morning Tuesday August 13, exactly three months after our little Lass was born, we have actually managed to sign the official document (and delivered it to the snail mail box this morning) that will be registered tomorrow at the entity 2003 of the Swedish Tax Authorities in the town Östersund, who takes care of these matters.
We are at the point of no return, and it feels alright!
Our little Lass is from now on Carla Emilia Anastasia Holmer! Her given name is Anastasia.
HomeComing2002Henrik.JPG (290140 byte) To the left is how it looked seven years ago when Henrik came home for the first time.

To the right is from around noon May 14 when our little Lass came home for the second time! ;-)

HomeComing2009ALassie.JPG (241714 byte)


In the evening on the twelfth day in May, four days after the estimated arrival, Margarita noticed more activities and increased contractions. A check with the hospital gave the answer that they were very busy and they asked us not to come in until the contractions came in six minutes intervals. They came down below six minutes very soon after the last contact with the hospital. A cry from downstairs woke me up, and Henrik soon after, we dressed and called a neighbour we arranged to take care of Henrik. No answer, call again, no answer! Let's go and knock on their window! Luckily they were at home and took care of Henrik! On my way back I took the car out of the garage and parked it running and the doors open outside the front yard, went in and found Margarita at the kitchen sink saying -The water has broken, call an ambulance! I think her head is coming now! 
I don't remember if I helped Margarita down on the floor first or called 112, but the girl in the switchboard said -Ambulance is on the way! Keep the line open so we can talk if you need me! 
I'm not completely sure about every movement from now on, but the next 10 minutes were the most fantastic minutes I have experienced!





HomeComing2009HenrikAndLass1.JPG (256675 byte) This is later in the afternoon when we were just enjoying each other.

(I only used the flash when I was sure her eyes were closed)

HomeComing2009HenrikAndLass2.JPG (263494 byte)



20090523IMG_3354.jpg (302512 byte) 20090523IMG_3360.jpg (129371 byte)

A short movie
"Sweet dreams" on daddy's arm

Doesn't she say "Dad" in the beginning of the second sequence? Didn't you hear it? The first D is missing, eh, the last d is missing too, but all the rest is there! ;-))



20090523IMG_3358.jpg (289943 byte)

It's only a matter of right angles for arms and legs, to get the body in balance, and the best sleep.


20090617RightSleepingAngleIMG_4015cr.jpg (305035 byte)




That's the way,
aha aha,
I like it!

20090622IMG_4127.JPG (442955 byte)




After the rainy Midsummer weekend the sun has finally arrived.
Working days ahead, so it's not so strange.

20090622IMG_4113.JPG (330976 byte)

First time out for a few minutes.
A strange feeling!

20090622IMG_4130.JPG (460993 byte)


20090628IMG_4198.jpg (236559 byte)


I forgot to fold down the kitchen sun shades for a while, but the temperature exceeded 32ºС anyway so we decided to go to the beach in late afternoon.
It was probably above 28ºС in this shallow cove in the Baltic sea, so we had difficulties to get Henrik out of it. What the he.., we only have such weather a few days every year. I think we got him up around nine o'clock.
Meanwhile Little and I had a nice chat in this movie!



20090628IMG_4246.jpg (213857 byte)


20090701IMG_4292cr.jpg (197942 byte)  

This afternoon July 1, we had a little photo session in the kitchen.
For once in a while it wasn't dad behind the camera, but mom!




20090701IMG_4298cr.jpg (212185 byte)



20090704FamilyThree20020420P4200370.JPG (456391 byte)
This photo was taken when Henrik was four days old, seven years ago.
We have tried, and managed, to find our cloths from that time! ;-))




20090704FamilyFourP1014518.jpg (243142 byte)


20090704FamilyFourP1014519.jpg (246193 byte)


20090704FamilyFourP1014522.jpg (238257 byte)


20090704henrikAnastasiaP1014523.jpg (231426 byte)


It was difficult to set up this photo session. I was eager to get the same settings as in the old picture. When I realized it was impossible (after a month or so) we had a ball taking these pictures, and many more on the Saturday afternoon on 4 July.

Please enjoy!

20090704henrikAnastasiaP1014524.jpg (247323 byte)


20090829 CarlaEmiliaAnastasiaIMG_6812.JPG (254434 byte)
Clips from August 2009



20090913FirstMealIMG_7060.JPG (253229 byte)
First meal on her four month day


20090926JustAnotherMealIMG_6818.jpg (255836 byte)
Just another meal 2009-09-26



20091001IMG_7213.jpg (203738 byte)
The garlic squeezer is a favourite



20091016IMG_7278.jpg (232795 byte)
After less then a minute she got the hang of it



20091017IMG_7288.jpg (281097 byte)
Oops! Henrik caught her trying to write her name, in his school book!



20091017IMG_7285.jpg (170132 byte)



20091113PeekabooTasteCabbageIMG_7353.jpg (206574 byte)
Peekaboo, and a taste of cabbage, 
the movie!
20100106DancingRunningBreakfastIMG_7831.jpg (279950 byte)
Dancing to Natalie Imbruglia's song "Torn", running with Henrik, having breakfast, brushing teeth, and combing hair,
the movie!



20100417BicycleWalkingCatIMG_8950.JPG (517757 byte)
New bicycle and walking the cat, the movie!



20100427StartWalkingIMG_9021.JPG (250418 byte)
Now we are really walking, the movie!




20100512WalkAboutIMG_9158.JPG (265892 byte)
Out and about on a walkabout, the movie!


20100513HappyBirthdayIMG_9161.JPG (393690 byte)
Happy First Birthday, the movie!


20100518OnTheYardWakeUpCatIMG_9208.JPG (261292 byte)
On the frontyard and trying to wake up the cat, the movie!


20100520AnInBetweenMealIMG_9213.JPG (431067 byte)
After shopping down the mall, we love In-between-meals,  the movie!



20100626VirserumMidsummerIMG_9647.JPG (999673 byte)
Midsummer 2010 in Virserum, the movie!



20100709SatteliteAnastasiaIMG_0151.JPG (522736 byte)
Dance to Lena Meyer-Landrut singing Sattelite, the movie!



20101207AnastasiaAutumnIMG12_9092.JPG (1222152 byte)
Anastasia's Autumn 2010, the movie.
or just, Google Google Google.
20110722TournamentMariefredIMG_0023.JPG (1853857 byte)
Medieval Tournament in Mariefred, the movie.


20110829DaycareDressupIMG_0008.JPG (207684 byte)
2011-08-18. Dress Party on one of the first days at the daycare in Big Brother Henrik's school, The Freinet school named The Chestnut.


20120121TigerPaintIMG_0844.JPG (775999 byte)
20120121 A McDonalds make up

20120505CowReleaseIMG_1220.JPG (1126470 byte)
Cow release in spring 2012, the movie.




20120506KitchenSagaIMG_1176.JPG (479633 byte)
The Kitchen Saga, the movie.


20120511IMG_1241cr.jpg (481001 byte)

Happy Birthday to you...



20120513AnastasiaThreeYearsIMG_1256.JPG (625959 byte)
20120513 Anastasia's Third Birthday, the movie.




20120729TeatrDurovaIMG_3066.JPG (459638 byte)
20120729 Teatr Durova in Moscow, Russia. The one hundred years old theatre, run by the same family since inauguration in 1912, the movie.


20120808EkzootikParkIMG_3361.JPG (1041447 byte)
20120808 EkZootik Park in Kaluga Oblast, Russia, the movie.



20121224ChristmasEveIMG_4413.JPG (1087572 byte)
20121224 Christmas Eve with Santa Claus, the loong movie.

20130505CowReleaseBjorksattraFarmIMG_4634.JPG (2940709 byte)
20130505 Cow release on Björksättra Farm, the movie.
20121204IMG_4325.JPG (440002 byte)
Maccaroni Cook



20151205SpektrumDSCN1937.JPG (893417 byte)
Spektrumkörerna 2015





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